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Pianogod's Plans for Summer Pianogod's Plans for Summer

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shut up already

are you autistic? cause this retarded submission almost made my ears bleed, no one cares what your gonna do with your music. so quit blabbing and make something worthy of listening to.

Pianogod responds:

for you information, yes I am autistic. You have a problem with that? Also I was doing this because one of my friends on here was doing something like this, so I thought that it would be a great idea. I don't care if anyone else does, I just want to tell it to help me be more determine to actually do it. Also if no one cares why do I have 3 people downloading this? Anyway, I have already made something that was worthy of listening to, and that's my demo reel that has an awesome score of4.20/5.00. Atleast I'm trying to do something other than watch flashes, listen to audio, and reviewing them. I'm going to be in a flash soon so why don't you watch that and take a look at the score once it is submitted. I should also have you banned for calling me a retard because I'm autistic, you heartless dick!