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The era of true talent has ended

2009-07-06 23:25:41 by CW555

Some stupid fucks say MJ's death signifies the end of the era of actual talent, they're wrong. No other man could force people to buy their product better then this man did. It wasn't until 6/28/09 that the era of talent truly ended.

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R.I.P. Billy Mays, Oxy Clean will never be the same.

Resident Licker

2009-02-25 01:34:27 by CW555

This is how it started. A friend of mine suggested to make something to mock Resident Evil, it was time to photoshop. What next? A flash, well no because I have no talent in the world of nerd flash making. Secondly I've never been able to download adobe flash, my computers fucked up. Still though I think it would make a funny movie, like lets say Umbrella fucked up on something and ended up with a licker in a tuxedo equipped with two 44 magnums, or maybe the licker working for the CIA. More or less I don't think this will ever go anywhere, but it's an idea I won't let go.

Resident Licker


2008-07-11 23:23:41 by CW555